CGBG Seeks Land

Connecticut Green Burial Grounds is looking for land——a place of serenity and just the right geological and topographical characteristics. Thanks to the glaciers of yore, Connecticut has a wide variety of land. CGBG will find a place. The only problem is that it has to be in Connecticut.

Why is that a problem? Because land in Connecticut is expensive. CGBG needs to add at least $50,000 to its current funds. Raising so much money will be difficult but by no means impossible.  Thousands of people believe in green burial, that it's the right thing to do—for families, for the deceased, for nature, for Connecticut, for future generations, and for the Earth. 

You can make a difference here. In fact, you have to make a difference.  Green burial isn't going to happen in Connecticut without your help. Your donation will make a difference. It's more than funds for a good cause. It's a vote for a good cause, It's a clear voice speaking up for what is right, for what must be done. 

Please, go to our donation page and contribute what you can. For a better world with a better future.