Elizabeth B. Foley

As a veteran Emergency Room Registered Nurse, Elizabeth has a great deal of experience with death and dying. This intimate view of the life cycle has engendered in her the compassion and understanding that drive her advocacy on behalf of the deceased and their loved ones. Giving everyone the opportunity to return to the earth in a simple and natural way is her mission. She would like to become a birch tree one day.


Glenn A. Cheney

Glenn Alan Cheney is a writer, translator, and editor, managing editor of New London Librarium and the author of hundreds of articles and more than 25 books on environmental issues, history, travel, nature, and other topics. He has served on the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance in the town of Sprague, Conn. He thinks he might like to become a weeping willow. 


Nicholas J. Fulton

Nicholas J. Fulton, Funeral Director at Fulton-Theroux Funeral Home, has been a Licensed Funeral Director for 17 years.  Currently he manages Fulton-Theroux, operates the USGA Columbarium as an employee of the US Coast Guard Academy and also serves as the Treasurer for Jordan Mutual Cemetery in Waterford.  Throughout his career he has been involved in all facets of the funeral industry and is very involved in different organizations in the communities in which he serves. Nick is considering the virtues of a cherry tree at this time.


Angelynn E. Meya

Angelynn Meya is a lawyer in Paris, France who  specializes in  international litigation and arbitration, including commercial, investor-State and State-to-State arbitration.  She has represented a wide range of States and other entities in various arbitration fora.  She speaks regularly on matters of international law, has been an adjunct professor of law at the University of Paris and is  admitted to the Paris, New York and Connecticut bars.


Katie Gagnon

Katie is a research assistant with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Art History, and a Master of Arts in American Studies.  A taphophile at heart, she’s a scholar of burial practices, death customs, history of medicine, and the funeral industry having worked with historians, authors and professionals in related fields.  Her research has led her to be an advocate of the Death Positive Movement, resulting in an understanding of the need for more open conversations about death and more natural burial options.