Live Forever on the Land You Love

Connecticut Green Burial Grounds wants to help large landowners in Connecticut

preserve their land, their names, their memories, and life itself.

Why on Your Land?

Because it’s your land. You have been a steward of the land for many years, and you would like to continue in perpetuity.

Because a land preserve is the best thing you can leave to future generations.

Because you want to rest in peace.

Because it’s tax deductible as a donation to a not-for-profit organization.


Fair Market Sale

Connecticut Green Burial Grounds may be able to buy the land at a fair market price.

Installment sale

If Connecticut Green Burial Grounds does not have sufficient funds to buy your land immediately, the organization may be able to pay in installments. This would be an owner financing arrangement in which you would retain rights to the land until the land it is fully paid for.

Tax Deductible donation

The CGBG Foundation (“The Foundation”) is a Connecticut-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to establishing, promoting and supporting green burial cemeteries. Upon acquisition of land, a separate entity will emerge - Connecticut Green Burial Grounds, a Cemetery Association with 501(c)(13) tax-exemption status. The mission of The Foundation is to facilitate land acquisition and support the mission of Connecticut Green Burial Grounds (“CGBG”). The mission of CGBG is to combine eco-cemeteries and land conservation in an economically viable way that contributes to ecological restoration and conservation through operation of green burial grounds. CGBG will assume responsibility for the cemetery operation and perpetual stewardship of the land.

Sale with Land Trust

Connecticut Green Burial Grounds may be able to work with a local land trust organization to divide the land into a green burial ground and a standard land preserve.

Conveyance of a Remainder Interest

This is a transfer of land in a way that allows you and other specified people (called Life Tenants) to continue to live on or use the land during your and their lifetimes. You would continue to be responsible for taxes and maintenance, but after your life, the land would transfer to Connecticut Green Burial Grounds for mutually understood purposes.

  • This allows you and others to enjoy the land for as long as you and they live.

  • This may allow you a tax deduction before your death.

  • The transfer can be made to both CGBG and another organization.

Donation by Will

In this plan, also known as a Donation by Devise, you would use your will to donate land to CGBG upon your passing. You would own the land until then. This may protect your land from estate tax.

Fee Simple Transfer

This transfers all right, title, and interest in the property to CGBG. The deed can include easements that protect as you wish, forever. Benefits:

  • It is a relatively simple transaction.

  • You are released from all responsibility for the land (taxes, maintenance, liabilities).

  • Donation may qualify for tax deduction and avoid capital gains.

Steps to Take

  1. Contact Connecticut Green Burial Grounds. See if your land is appropriate. Talk about the possibilities. Have your questions answered.

  2. Talk with your family, explain what you would like to do and why. CGBG can meet with them, too.

  3. Talk with CPA or financial advisor to see about taxes, deductibility, perhaps financing the sale, etc.

  4. Have your attorney talk with CGBG’s attorney to work out a contract that satisfies everyone.

For more information please contact us directly.