CGBG will be the first and only exclusively green burial ground in Connecticut capable of providing environmentally sensitive green burials, while preserving the land and promoting nature. Our bodies will enrich the soil and create oxygen-producing-vegetation that will negate the carbon footprint associated with current death practices and recycle the nutrients of which we are composed into a better world for future generations.


Green burials provide:

An environmentally friendly way of treating death, including:

  • Low or negative carbon footprint compared to cremation and conventional burial;

  • Reforestation and restoration of native ecology;

  • Nontoxic burial, by avoiding embalming, vaults, etc. and;

  • Reintegration of organic compounds into nature‚Äôs life cycle.

  •  Land conservation, actively preserving open public space by:

  • Operating upon a conservation easement that will prevent future development in perpetuity while actively restoring native ecology;

  • Providing economically productive Open Space for the Town;

  • Offering land that serves an active public function and invites passive recreation and;

  • Increasing awareness of the land conservation and ecology.

  • Emotional and psychological benefit of civic responsibility:

  • Comfort in the fact that your body will not be removed from the life cycle, as is the case in conventional burial and cremation.  In some cases, this will mean becoming a tree;

  • A portion of the costs of the burial will be applied directly to an endowment that will maintain the property in perpetuity and the remainder will be used for operations and active remediation and restoration of its ecology;

  • A space for family and friends to visit and enjoy the landscape that their loved one helped create.